Vangelis - heaven & hell

Note: Early pressings of the LP include a more detailed track listing. "So Long Ago, So Clear" is listed separately on the sleeve in all editions, as opposed to the other listed tracks.

Saturday, January 20
SF Sketchfest Presents
The Voices of "New Looney Tunes," exclusively on Boomerang,
with Bob Bergen, Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bergman, Matt Craig and Collette Sunderman
The voice cast of "New Looney Tunes” takes the Castro Theatre stage for an amazing afternoon! Join Bob Bergen (Porky Pig), Dee Bradley Baker (Daffy Duck), Jeff Bergman (Bugs Bunny) and producer Matt Craig for a live episode reading, directed by Collette Sunderman. Then marvel at the animated version of that episode, followed by a fun and informative Q&A. The “New Looney Tunes” streams exclusively on the Boomerang premium subscription service, available on Android, iOS, desktop, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, Roku and Chromecast.

Vangelis - Heaven & HellVangelis - Heaven & HellVangelis - Heaven & HellVangelis - Heaven & Hell